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June 23, 2009


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Manhattan Air Specialists

This is quite an interesting posting I must say. Indeed if it is too hot outside then no doubt dogs would also like to stay in an air conditioned room. Who says they cannot feel heat or chill?

NYC Air Conditioning & Vent Cleaning

Of course, in fact air cooled environment is necessary for some dogs.


Even Dogs Like Air Conditioning? some of them too because of this hot weather today that even Dogs wants to be cool their bodies. Some of them uses manhattan air conditioners for cooling effects!

Trey Hopson

Sometimes, we really have to give in to the heat. I remember one summer I had in Edmonton. We turned on the air conditioning. It's not just the kids who were enjoying it. I can tell that the dogs are happy, too. We have to make some sacrifices to get the satisfaction we want, right? For me, I'm just thinking about the welfare of the people (and the animals) inside the house. I don't want them to get dehydrated.

Hillary Blundell

Most dogs are susceptible to heat. So, if you may notice, they like to drink plenty of water and stay in cool places every day. Some pet owners buy their pets an air conditioning unit to make them feel comfortable.

Santo Badenoch

The summer heat can get unbearable sometimes, that's why you use the AC. It's the same with animals! They have to cool down too! You can easily get thirsty and feel tired with the intense heat.

Louisville heating and cooling

Air conditioner is needs today life, people are using A.C in summer or winter. It is naturally that when we feel heat we are switch on of fan, every people and animal like air of Air conditioner.

Mike Cornelia

My dog is the same way about our heating and cooling system. He is always hanging out around the vents whenever we turn it on. It is quite funny. Thanks for sharing!

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