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May 17, 2008


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Sherry C.

Thanks for addressing this and providing the link. My late Dinky, the toy poodle, had this problem. Even when my husband would stay home with him while I went somewhere our poodle would whine and pace the house looking for me. He would also tremble so bad that my husband would end up having to hold him to calm him down a bit. And he followed me around so close and constantly that I nicknamed him "Shoe" because he was always underfoot. Some have suggested getting another pet to help in this, but it didn't work for us. The poor thing wanted to be with me 24/7! Thankfully, our schnauzer doesn't suffer from this - he just misses us when we are gone and acts like our short trip without him lasted months. What a reception we get from him when we come home! But, at least we don't have neighbors complaining that he barked and howled the whole time we were gone, like they did with Dinky.


I read the post, Barney's Canine Separation Anxiety... It is very interesting... Thank you for the information...

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