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May 24, 2008


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Sherry C.

Its definately a victory! I've yet to see or hear of a dog win against a squirrel! My Dinky came close when he chased a squirrel and he actually bit the tip of its tail off. He brought it to me as a present. I wasn't amused. Our poor schnauzer, Buster, loves to chase the varmits but can't even see them most of the time. He did catch a mouse once- good boy! On that one, my husband, who is scared of mice, wasn't amused. Thanks for the smiles I have had through your dog tales.



Thanks for the Dinky story. My Bella loves to chase squirrels too. First, she stalks them, just like a lion. Then she runs. Once she did the same thing, and grabbed a bite of one's tail. Only a bit of fur though. Barney went after raccoons and possums. Killed several. Chief, well, despite being part hound and retriever, doesn't hunt very well. He makes it up in cuteness.

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