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Yes we all experienced that air-conditioning a home can quickly raise a home's utility bill. Reduce unwanted heat from entering your home by using exterior shades, awnings and landscaping techniques. Leaks in pipes and air ducts can be repaired with duct tape.

furniture wardrobes

I've been worrying about my high energy bills every month. This is such a useful article for me to help save up from consuming excessive amount of energy and paying substantial amount of cash.


Sealing up air leaks in your house will reduce your air conditioning costs as well as heating costs. Caulk or seal places where utilities come into your home.

double glazing

Homeowners must always find ways to conserve energy and to reduce high energy bills. If possible we must minimize the use of air con in our house if the temperature is just fine.

Wall Art

We have bought an air conditioning set just a month ago and I don't think we can afford its cost. Thanks for the tips on how to save on air conditioning costs.

Dell Ledermann

That was very impressive. You wait until late night to watch out for any drop in room temperature. What an effort. But still, you really managed to save on your electricity bill with ease. I have to try this in my own room.

Georgia Fuller

You're doing a pretty smart thing relying on the weather forecast to see if it's needed to turn on the air-con most of the day or not. It isn’t all that difficult to do, and it helps you save on your electricity bill. And it is advisable to ease on the AC use at night because the heat isn’t all that bad when the sun is down. In fact, I do that too!

Naoki Dieter

I like your idea of lowering the AC at night. Maybe you can actually turn it off if there’s a cool breeze, especially when it’s cloudy or raining. One thing I do to help cut my electricity bill is clean the compressor. It’s the device the cools the air coming out of the unit. The longer the compressor runs, the more the AC uses electricity, so keeping it clean can make the room cool faster and help minimize the use of the AC.

 Mignon Her

Use your AC in moderation – it’ll help cut cost on your electric bill and even prolong the life span of your AC. Summer’s not enough reason to overuse your AC. Think of other ways in which you can cool down the temperature of your house like, opening windows and doors. Always find ways to keep your house cool without having to abuse your AC.

Darryl Iorio

If you’re going to buy an AC unit, go for the one that automatically turns off when there is already enough cool air in the room. This will let you cut back on your electricity costs. There are a lot of AC units that are energy-efficient and have this advanced feature. You might wanna check those out if you’re really thinking about saving up on your utility bills.

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