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This is so lovely. It looks like a classical motifs for your home.

End Tables

This is going to be a great idea for a romantic dinner date, isn't it? I didn't have an idea before that you could design even the corks. Is it just rare? Or maybe I am not really a creative person. Lol! By the way, I like this post!

Preserved Plants

My wife has the wine cork thing going all around the house....guests must ask themselves: how much do they really drink? :)


Very nice. I never even thougt that it can look so good!

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So lovely! I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect! Love these ideas!


I am gonna have to forward this to my sister, she loves wine, enough to have plenty of corks over a period of time. and if not, she can always get them from my mom.

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What a cool idea! Please give us more...

Cake Decorating Supplies

This is awesome. You're very creative I must say. Thanks for this nice idea!

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Why didn't it ever ocurred to me? That' is so cool! Thanks for the info.

Dan Patton

The wine corks are a cute decorating idea, too bad it would take me years to accumlate that many! Add something trendy to your home and give it some oomph!

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Thanks for the amazing article here.

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great idea for a romantic dinner date, isn't it? I didn't have an idea before that you could design even the corks

דומיין בעברית

Great way to decoration. I like your way to decorating Wine Corks. It is very helpful to me. I will implement this on my brother birthday.

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Wow! what a discovery for me. I am a wine drinker and it never occurred to me that I can make use of my wine corks. Thank you so much for this blog. Its not only informative but also inspiring.

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..really nice decoration
..i will implement this on my friends..

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No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.


What a lovely idea for a romantic dinner date
Nice Blog You've got here
spreading information like this helps a lot thank you for sharing!


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OK, the wine cork candles are OK, but I'm originally from Walla Walla, WA, and there's like 150+ wineries in the area, so the locals get a little tired of everything wine.

Note to Dan Patton: Nope, you can drink enough wine to get a whole pile of corks in just a couple of days. LOL Of course, you can always just hit a winery after wine release weekend and get all the corks they pulled... But, she was talking about cork candles, not real corks.


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Candle in wine perfect for a dinner and in any occasion I love it.. thank you and keep posting.

- Lanie


Aw! Lovely *u* Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

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Wow! what a development for me. I am a wine wine-drinker and it never took place to me that I can create use of my wine corks. Thank you so much for this weblog. Its not only useful but also motivating.

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