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rustic lamp

Mirrors are a great accent piece for rustic decor too. They go along well with rustic lamps.

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Vintage mirror would be a great choice. Especially for those who are in hotel business.


Vintage materials has a different attraction on every place. It plays a different role that attracts many people.

Double Glazing

This is very nice. I always love vintage things.


Vintage materials can be decorative and also functional. This also cost a big amount of money or even priceless.

End Tables

Thanks for sharing the link. Wow! I love the way they arrange them. It looks so wonderful and elegant. I hope I can also do it beautifully in my own living room, bedroom and even in my bathroom. Well, wish me luck then!


Clear and concise. Anticipating a lot more like this.

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Beautiful mirror. It's look like royal mirror because of it's design and environment of this place. Thanks for this mirror.

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I hope I can also do it beautifully in my own living room, bedroom and even in my bathroom

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I love the overall design of your blog. keep posting !

- nina

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wonderful mirror...and yah the design is like a royal one.


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vintage mirrors looks great to my house! i love the photos you posted in here. Just keep on posting! more powers!



vintage mirror cool. mirror is been a part of my life that's why i love this blog .
keep it up


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hi i love mirrors and i enjoyed reading your post , i'm looking forward to a new post coming from you. thanks for sharing.
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I think vintage mirrors are a bit scary.

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hello nice and cool post..

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