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Vintage is really a good color. It is really eye pleasing one. It definitely gives a fabulous look to the painted area. I have visited 2011 color palette also. It is quite interesting. All the other declarations of color are also interesting that you have shared here.

Rodney Orton

Does it also apply to the exterior, particularly the roofing? I think the color palette for this year is more elegant than last year's. Our house in Omaha, NE was all tinged-neutral with bright colors like green and yellow (my wife's love for interiors) as we followed Pantone's 2010 color directions.

Brendan Gertner

With the influx of top designer colors, the homeowner gains a lot of options on which color to use next, but there is still the question of "Will this color look harmonious to my furniture or my roofing?" beating our heads. That's why, it is best to take your time or find a friend that knows color harmony, so you won't regret your decision when you had it painted by your contractor, and in my case, I did what I've stated above when working on my home in Vancouver.

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I like vintage too. Very unique and simple for me.

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I agree, vintage is just such a classy traditional color, it gives this woody luxury to it that I just can't place my finger on.


Vintage really is one of the most classy unique color that everyone would love to be attracted to, I love vintage as well and every time I am in a room surrounded with these theme's color I would feel comfortable with its cozy ambiance.

Lawrence Cooks

Cool! I've been looking forward to remodel some of the rooms in our house here in Minneapolis. I'll be asking for the help of the remodeling and designing experts for this project. That's a nice color, by the way. I love the color name, too! Vintage Wine, huh. I guess I'll be using that color for one of the rooms.


I like the way you collection such traditional furnitures,Im very much inspired with those stuffs...www.vivamagonline.com Thanks to indulge and keep on sharing more interesting furniture... Good job!!!

Home decor

This year vintage is really attractive... The colors are looking lovely...http://www.vivamagonline.com/index.php I'm lucky to get such idea through you... Thanks you!!!

Fitted kitchen

I love vintage as well and every time I am in a room surrounded with these theme's colour I would feel comfortable with its cozy ambiance.

Geoff Anderson

Vintage wine color gives a cozy feeling in that room. With proper blend and accent, a room can be turned into a classy one. Having a top-of- the- line interior doesn't necessarily need expensive furniture. It just takes a skilled and creative person to make a room as sophisticated as this one.


I agree, vintage look is very unusual. :)

Natural Area Rugs

When it comes to decorating make a new difference to it there is no limitation when it comes to put a new ambiance n your home. Finding the perfect color that will suit in your home theme is not quite tough to think that you can't have a certain ambiance or result if your decorating color do not vary in your home decor.

Wall art

Very elegant. I can say that this color selecting is perfect as well as the furnitures use. It is beautiful, look very contemporary and simple.

Floor Lamps

something about vintage is really comforting - just takes you back


Unless you are one of the few fortunate ones who have managed to land a spacious loft style apartment you are probably starting out in a tiny apartment because it’s the only thing you can afford. There are ways to decorate your small apartment and prevent the space from feeling claustrophobic and cramped.

Window Treatments

I love the color selection in the photo. Some people are afraid to go with such bold colors, but the ones who do are almost always satisfied with their decision every time they step into the room!

Gerry Bossier

Wow! Vintage colors for your furniture sound nice. It can give your house a classic look; well that depends on what kind of furniture. Maybe changing the colors in my house is good once in a while, since I was thinking of changing them, anyways.

Brisbane Carpet

And that surely counts! Pretty much classic look! I would say, that choice of color is great, very trendy and attractive. Truly, your work is worth appreciating!

Spider Solitaire

It is true that colours is important to decorates our home. The right colour combination really increase the room value. Its really looks amazing and attractive.

Nolan Anderson

The painter used earthy colors, which made it more relaxing to look at. Most colors coordinate with the earth tone, so this is a good choice.


Gorgeous! The colors are very beautiful! I like your house very much with such peaceful color. Thanks for sharing this one.

Lino Kosters

I'm speechless for your ceiling. It shines like a diamond! What's the color of your roof? I painted mine with white 'coz I'm going green!

Eugene Head

It looks classy. I'm thinking about remodeling my house, and this can be a great color for my living room. I wonder what color they are considering for roofs. :)

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I always love red, white and black themed especially in bedroom. Very modern and stylish.

Lily Brown

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