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suspended ceiling

These is just a perfect idea. I've never seen such excellent work ever, I found your work impressively excellent. That just look so cute and pretty much unique.

Fitted kitchen

This is some how innovative idea of making refrigerator to old fashioned Ice box.I like the website link of icebox makers. Its good to see it.

Hitchcock Butterfield

You've got a perfect idea. They look good to me.


What a great idea for your refrigerator! I love the antique look the ice box gives the refrigerator. Is this a hard thing to do? I love the classic look.

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I love this information about Make Your Refrigerator Look Like an Old-Fashioned Ice Box. This information is so useful for me. This pictures are awesome and I like your work to make this types of an Old-Fashioned Ice Box.

plumbing fittings

Installing a refrigerator in a cabinet isn't terribly difficult and maybe you're handy enough to tackle this project on your own. Otherwise, you can hire someone who has the necessary carpentry skills to do the work for you.

donna naredo

Hello! I love your fridge. I have been searching for days for the hardware. We currently are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and my sub zero fridge panels are being designed to handle the hinge and non-functional latch I think this is what I am going to need. I have found several sites, but the price and time frame is expensive and long. Please let me know if you have any leads. Thanks


This a really cool refrigerator. It looks like a cabinet for me.


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2cb effects

Wow ! this refrigerator make over looks so nice. I am really impressed by your idea. Its really looks like old fashioned Ice box. The white colour also makes it attractive.

תנור תעשייתי

Creative post shared by you. I like your way to represent this post. I will try out on my refrigerator. Thanks for sharing this idea.

IceKool Cooler Boxes

The technique is very fantastic refrigerator will be a ice box , ha.. ha.. its Really amazing !

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