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Interesting! That's what's been taking up most of my writing headspace since the new year, and that's not likely to change for a long time.


I always think a tumbled marble backsplash work really well.


I agree with sticking to classic materials but I think stainless and granite is trendy, it's every where.

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I love HGTV as they really got the mood on for remodeling, but it also warped the perception of people on the time it takes to complete a remodeling project, plumbing, kitchen or bathroom, I am a plumber in Abilene Texas and really some home owners are wild lol

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In my views, Stainless and Granite is trendy, Glass tiles are really so beautiful As long as we use. Maintenance is not so tedious.

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If you haven't checked out recycled glass, it's gorgeous. They smash it, set it in resin, then grind it smooth. Turns out great.

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Vacuuming prior to wet cleaning results in a cleaner and more dust-free carpet or floor. This will reduce the number of times needed to change the dirty water in the tank while steam cleaning, thus speeding up the whole process, besides not having hair from the carpet bunching up and be passed out in a wet wad while cleaning.

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Thanks for an informative post. I have to bookmark this as I'm doing a kitchen renovation of my own at the moment.


In my experience the glass tiles are very nice, if used. Maintenance is not so painful. And Its easy to maintain and cheaper.

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I am happy to find so many useful information here in the post, we need develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing.

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As we all know that for ladies home starts with kitchen and to have a decorative home we should keep our kitchen clean. All the things should be at the right place. Same as we decorate our home we must take care of our kitchen. So all the best ladies.

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I find your article very interesting. Stainless and granite are all good material to be used. So its up to you what will be your choice.


That was a good idea. Backsplash plays an important part in our kitchen. Good article. Hope to do the same idea of yours in my kitchen.

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Kitchen tile backsplash becomes important when it comes to re-design or remodeled kitchen, because kitchen cabinets and counter-tops are associated with it, so it is essential to the style of your kitchen tile backsplash also.

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Not sure about mosaic tiles but like the idea of a plain glass splashback


Glass tiles are beautiful, as long as you use a non-zero cleanup, which are easy to maintain. To avoid becoming the equivalent of a refrigerator back splash lawyer.

Dino Trichtokali

Love the Kitchen backsplash ideas! Thanks for the links and resources too!

Alana Geikie

Glass tiles are very versatile when it comes to complementing a certain design for your home, the counter tops to be specific. It can easily blend well with whatever design you have, as long as it goes well with the color of your designs. You just have to figure out which type of glass tile you will use for your home. Try out different kinds of color combinations to see which would best complement the style of your countertops.

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