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As Asian culture becomes more popular in the western world, the ancient Chinese method of creating a harmonious environment, feng shui, is also gaining ground. And really that is all there is to feng shui. And I believe that asthetics is what western designer find interesting.

For example plants are auspicious from the point of feng shui. It is always good to grow plants in the house, especially wooded plants.
Plants in the office also bring about increased luck in your career. Place plants in the east, south or south-east corners of your office for maximum luck.
If you are a married couple and want children, avoid putting flowers in the bedroom. Instead, place a basket of fruits in your bedroom. Fruits, especially pomegranates, are a symbol of fertility.
Don't place thorny plants inside your home. Thorny plants do form a protective shield, and could be placed outside the home. Don't place them too near the front door. They could be placed a little further away from the door, or in the balcony.
Don't place bonsai plants inside or outside the home. They represent stunted growth.
Trim your plants regularly. Overgrown plants promote bad energy. Similarly, trim trees in your garden regularly. Don't let them overwhelm your house.
Fresh flowers bring luck and fortune in your home. Place fresh flowers in your living room on a regular basis. However, once they die, throw them out. Don't leave dying flowers in your home.
Avoid placing dried flowers in your house. They are believed to bring misfortune. Artificial flowers are a far preferable option and are believed to bring luck.
Do not place any flowers, plants or any other auspicious feng shui symbol in the bathroom. The good luck will backfire and turn into bad luck.
Ever noticed lemons (nimbus) hanging on the entrances of shops? They are believed to ward off the evil eye, according to Hindu superstitious beliefs. Similarly, oranges and lemons are believed to be powerful symbols of fortune, and bring prosperity to the home. They should be placed at the entrance.

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As we welcome the New Year, many still believes in the power of Feng Shui. The year of the rabbit to be specific can be a good year to some. There are a lot of ornaments or pieces to have in order to be lucky and have success. Thanks a lot for sharing the info. This is a great tip. I must say, there is no harm in believing.

Dinheiro Fácil

Então interessante este blogue parece muito estruturado.........boa:)
Amei faz mais posts assim !!

Bertha Brickner

Thanks for sharing these Feng Shui links! It does have the basic, but I'm looking for something about stairs and its relation to Feng Shui. Do you have any links for that? Both of the links you've shared only seems to have covered the stuff for single-floor homes.


Thanks for sharing this! Sometimes we believe it for different reason.

Daniel Todman

Ohh, two new Feng Shui references! The timing's pretty perfect too, since the house is going to be ready for remodeling. Thanks, Ma'am! This is really going to be a big help.

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Histories make men wise ; poems witty; the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy deep ; moral grave ; logic and rhetoric able to contend .

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Now a days Feng Shui is most popular among the people. They try to make their home with the help of Feng Shui. It is also beneficial for them.

Tom Aker

I appreciate the links, feng shui sounds interesting

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It could be placed a little further away from the door, or on the balcony. Do not place bonsai inside or outside the home.


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