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Well it's really hard to decide flooring when you are leaving with pets and the worst thing is to have a carpet floor you can not escape from the fur balls. Best decision would be laminate floor i guess.

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Laminate flooring is a highly versatile and extremely durable modern flooring solution. Now available in a wide range of styles, laminate flooring is a sythetic product able to reproduce the look and feel of natural wood and stone to an almost identical quality.Laminate flooring provides the same look as wood at about half the price. Laminate is composed of planks of resin and paper compressed at a high density. The planks are then covered with a thin paper sheet printed with a wood grain design or other pattern, then covered with a clear seal coat.

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The benefits of laminating your wood flooring sound amazing. Not to mention it looks really great, I absolutely love it. Laminating their wood flooring is also a good option for people who are having a hard time cleaning their floors.


Well its quite obvious that wooden flooring or laminate score over the carpet flooring in most of the fields these kind of floors is safe from wear and tear as compared to carpets , it is more easy to clean them And they are more durable too .And today you can find wide range of wooden flooring online according to one's budget like on Woodsmith Hardwood.

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I too have a cat and chose laminate flooring for my home. The results have been great. It is funcional and easy to keep clean.

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