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Thanks for sharing it. Love the photos.

suspended ceiling

I was actually looking articles that would feed me on what is the best curtain type to put on for suspended ceiling and as I came across your article, I just absorbed the key points I just have to know. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

Double Glazing

A well ventilated bathroom is the first thing you need to look into. The use of an exhaust fan while you shower is a great way to start. Installing one if you don't have it should be on your to do list. Opening a window if there is one available is another option to consider. Creating a salt solution for soaking your shower curtains is another awesome way to keep mold from forming in the future.

roman shades

After stating that it was not a suspension rod, I found what I think she wanted. Note, there is a jumper suspended for hanging a sheet. The material is also available in an L shape so that it can make a corner.


Having this in your bathroom will add beauty and style. To make it very decorative it must the curtains color compliment the color of the bathroom.


Awesome bathroom!!


Shania Fargo

Bathrooms don't have to bear the same style and structure all the time. Decorate your bathroom according to its size, your lifestyle and your budget. It wouldn't hurt to be adventurous in decorating your little sanctuary. =)

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