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Toronto painters

Here at www.torontopainters.org We also power wash pool side patios and decks, including deck furniture,also discovered something similar to this. I polished and buffed everything up nicely. But when I went to use it the material had no longer any elasticity and was quite brittle. What happens is, the plastic materials take a beating from the sun and the sun sucks out the important elements of the vinyl to retain malleability and flexibility. So don't be surprised by further working on it with more chemicals. It will even lose more of its quality.

Patio Furniture

oh - that is so creative!. its great that you are protecting your furniture

Patio New Jersey

thanks for the post on patio revitalization!!

Elias Boyer

If you have wood chairs, you can touch it up with a fresh coat of paint. Also, it would better if you bring your outdoor furniture inside when it’s raining, to avoid getting soaked by the rain, and prolonging its lifespan.

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