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Modern Contemporary Lighting

I recently took out my chandelier and placed all modern contemporary lighting style lights instead. I still get that great look but its not gaudy like regular chandeliers.

Victor Wetherbee

This is almost the same problem we have in our house renovation in St. Paul. Maybe we'll try doing this way while we're still waiting for the electrician to arrive. We also have to move the wiring for the whole thing. Thanks!

plumbing supplies

You've provided some great information.
I've planning to do this a long time ago with my antique chandelier, the thing is I don't know where to put it.


It's almost as if they were designed for the purpose of complementing your home decor! Coordinate with the interiors, furnishing, and themes and pick a style – traditional, contemporary, casual, tiffany, country, nautical, Victorian, and rustic.

Miami Remodeling Company

Really good and useful information. I'm going to use for my home decorating business.


Clint Rowley

I've only changed a lighting fixture once before and it was quite some time ago, so I definitely appreicate all the tips I can get.

Bi fold

great blog,chandeliers are one of my favourite decorational lighting methods.probably from the famous episode of only foold and horses

Toledo foam

This is almost the same issue we have in our home remodelling in St. John. Maybe we'll try doing this way while we're still awaiting the electrical engineer to appear. We also have to shift the electrical wiring for the whole factor. Thanks!

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