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Frank M

Great post, I thought the difference was amazing! The old countertop looked awkward and in the way. The new one looks warm, inviting, and functionable. Great Job

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These all Bathrooms look so nice and attractive. It is really a very nice and amazing stuff.

Deirdre G

california custom cabinet

Thank you for this very helpful post. The bathroom is almost always the hardest part to fix because of space constraint. Not everybody has big bathrooms now.

Cabinet Giant

Yes we must need good quality vanities in any bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinets

If you are looking for great fixtures for a tiny bathroom, visit our online virtual showroom at http://www.kitchencabinetkings.com We offer quality bathroom fixtures at incredibly low prices!


You can also go and check out MyDeco's "Bathroom fittings & fixtures" section at http://mydeco.com/c/bathroom/bathroom-fittings-fixtures/1049/1533/. We offer the UK's largest selection of Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures.


Ikea has fantastic narrow sinks, try them out

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A bathroom light can make all the difference in you bathroom

Andrea Evans

right light should be place in the right place

Manchester Plumbing

Very effective use of the space. Looks great. Anyone else think that a good plumber is an excellent resource when looking for unusual fittings?

Keith Blaze

Its very creative. How can small broom space can be a bathroom? Amazing! Even if the space is so small yet it is good to look and refreshing when you always take a bath or something.

Bathroom Improvement

Small bathrooms can be a pain to get right. There are several things you can do to give the illusion of space though. Do some research.

Bucket Trucks

How about itty bitty kitchens? I'd kill to find some good products for my apartment's kitchen. It's about the size of a small closet. It doesn't make much sense since the bathroom is the size of a bedroom and the apartment is 3 bedroom. The architects were retarded when they designed our building.

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Lovely Post!!!Your batroom light looks so pretty,http://www.edgeaudiovideo.com/ Having big bathrooms is really good one!!!!


Re-designing small bathrooms and replacing/relocating bathroom fixtures to optimize space can be huge challenge. The information and links I found in this post (and the comments) should be valuable for consumers and tradesman alike. Thanks!

Modern Contemporary Lighting

Clinton Furniture has some great deals. It looks great!

Coeur d’ Alene Heating And Cooling

Looks really nice. Water closets (under the stairs) are common here, and we've had luck finding fixtures at the local architectural salvage store.

Skip Hire

Nice transformation. I have a downstairs WC of a similar size. I used mainly contemporary fixtures which were mainly scaled down versions of regular items. These cost more than the full size version but the overall look was worth it.


Great new look for the bathroom, simplistic and beautiful.
Villeroy & Boch


The bathroom is almost always the most difficult to correct for space reasons. Not everyone now has large bathroom. In light of the bathroom can make all the difference in your bathroom.

Classic Marble and Granite

Granite bathroom vanities are widely used in most modern homes as they provide an excellent outcome regardless of the size of the piece.

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Hey your research is absolutely fine and your presentation way is precise and unambiguous. I liked it. I would like to add something useful here also. And it is that arrange your fixtures while keeping your distances comfortable. Don't skimp on the measurements between fixtures and structures and or walls, you will regret it in the long run.

bathroom lighting

the difference between the two counter tops is quite stark, i much prefer the latter definetly ;)


A cutaway niche in the shower eliminates the need for a cumbersome shower caddy. Like any small space, bathrooms benefit from editing.

Toronto Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovation can be great but you do have to make sure to stay within your budget. I've bookmarked your blog to read more later on. Great post, I thought the difference was amazing! Great Job thank you for this very helpful post. The bathroom is almost always the hardest part to fix. because of space constraint


Small but nice bathroom!


Chuck Derouen

Well done! If you can't refinish the cabinet that you have now then you can always do a little looking and find something great like that.

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Excellent publish, I believed the change was amazing! The old kitchen counter seemed uncomfortable and in the way. The new one looks heated, alluring, and functionable. Excellent Job

Darryl Iorio

Your bathroom looked classier and modern after the renovation. The compact space of the bathroom complements well your selected marbled tops and marbled flooring. Good job on that one. How are your fixtures doing? Are they still in good condition?

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the site offers a big variety of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile and three complete lines of cabinetry with full service and installation on all merchandise. the location has products range from simple to elegant.

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