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Yes, green color is trendy color. Everyone is using green color for painting. I also painted my house in similar color. My color consultants really advised me well. Thanks to them...


I just have to agree that almost everyone loves green, so I do! I would love green if it is perfectly matched and blended moderately. And that snap shot is just one of the best thing about green, pretty cool and relaxing. The blending is not as heavy as it is and not as lighter as it must not. Perfectly beautiful!

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That color exactly counts! The ambiance looks so refreshing and pretty much inviting! You've got me inspired with that!

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We feel at ease in nature and with the paint colors that we choose for the baby room or any part of the house shows how much we appreciate it. Others prefer to color green or a shade of it for their home improvement project as this suits the eyes and invites a cozy atmosphere in the room.

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With environmental issues coming back into the focus of society, the color trends change as well. The perception of the society greatly impacts on the trends, like in fashion. Green is coming into season because of this. Great blog! Thank you for sharing!

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Trending home colors really affect several homeowners in their interior and exterior home designing projects. However, like they always say, a trend can simply be an old fashion thing in such a short period of time. I do believe that one of the most important factors to consider when planning for a simple home improvement projects like interior painting are like or preferences. Thank you for this post.

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