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Wow these dining rooms are really gorgeous, i hope that in the near future i can afford one :-S

Frugal Living

The pic you have put up is beautiful. I love the old rustic designs and also the modern clean lined ideas too.... stuc between two worlds :s

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As a painting company I have noticed that there is always more "investment money" invested into the dining room furnishings. This is a place where you can really show your stuff and your personality.

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I have to disagree. I personally think that the lounge (living room) is the most decorated room, well at least in the UK anyway.

Maybe it's because in America you guys have HUGE houses and plenty of space.

Yes I'm jealous!


Don’t limit yourself to thinking that meals must be restricted to a formal table. A kitchen island, or even a counter top fitted with stools or high-sitting chairs, can also make for a fun dining experience.

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Good day!
Very idealistic style of dining area. Contemporary style of designing. Nice work, hope to see more designs next time. Thank you!

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Wow! I love your dining area. You are the one who design that? So love it.

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This dining room is fabulous!


Since in some cases we need to invest a lot of money, it would be a shame for a piece of furniture that eventually fails to meet the needs of our space. Thus, one of the most important aspects when choosing the table for our dining room is its shape.

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