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What a stunning remodeling and decorating. Those photos is a great masterpiece. What a beautiful world when you have a beautiful house.

Deirdre G

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Fantastic Snaps! It is really elegant.

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My basement is huge but I really haven't thought that it can be remodeled into something like this. It has empty all this time. This post got me excited of the possibilities I can do with it...

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Wow! It is great that you are also interested in home renovations. I also believe in change. Thanks for put on view this handy comprehension.
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Great read, well written with some great ideas. I'm trying to update my home, and get a few new trends within my walls. econtractorbids.com helped me find a contractor I can trust, now I can begin with the design ideas from this article!


Basement could be very useful for more space

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You're decorator did great job, congratulations to him. He is a genius.

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Just dropping in to say thank you towards the OP for the excellent post!

My wife and I utilized to love hanging out in front of our gas fireplace in our old house. Nothing beats relaxing in front of the fire right after a long day at work, or a lengthy morning shoveling the driveway! The best part of having a gas fireplace was that we didn't need to mess close to with chopping our own wood, or having it delivered. We also never had to venture out into the snow to bring much more in. Wooden fireplaces are also a PITA to clean with all of the ashes and smoke. They're pretty hazardous too, particularly with popping wood and flying embers. Too bad we live in Florida now and do not require fireplaces anymore, otherwise we'd still have 1!

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we are all about the extension and bigger is better to remodeling the basement is great idea (:

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Beautiful house,very nice clean lines and very spacious, quite a few people are getting into house demolition to make money and I can quite see why.


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"Here are plenty of before and after photos to show designer ideas to remodel and decorate basements. You'll be amazed of what you can do."

Wow, simply amazing. I now have a good idea on what to do with my basement.

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I think the best tip for remodeling the basement would be t make sure the air conditioning and heating is properly working.

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Very nice, well thought and planned.

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I have been wanting to remodel my basement ever since I've moved into my house. There is ugly orange carpet and fake wood paneling on the walls. These pictures are truly inspiring as to what my basement could some day become. Thank you for the tips.

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A key to some of these remodeled basements is lighting -- some may be lucky to have basement windows that allow natural light in, but having flood and track lights installed make it much brighter and attractive.

Great photos!


Hi Julie,

Regarding the Artistic Inspiration photo in your see photos here section, HGTVs designer states that she transfered artwork onto vinyl wallpaper and then used it as a fireplace surround. You wouldn't happen to know how they did that.

As a painting contractor I would like to suggest this type of design technique to my more artistic customers.

Amanda J. Midgette

remodeling is the best thing to have for our houses that is why I also choose the best interior painting contractor in town to do the job.

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I'm really glad to read your tips. I learned on it.


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Nice Before and After remodelling album. I enjoyed reading on the challenges of making the place better despite little space to work with.

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It is a great idea of basement remodel and decorating projects. Your basement looks so amazing and beautiful after remodel and decorating it.

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One of the most considerations to consider is that, more often than not, basements are wet and can even be damp. Even if your basements are unusually dried up, you need to be careful as in worst cases, water can seep within the basement.

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Yes, to increase the space in home , basement remodeling is the best way. Its better to remodel the basement to make it a best place where family members and friends can spend time.

Chuck Derouen

I really love the final product of the basement remodel. I think that the finish on the cabinets is perfect and matches the floors and then the white counter space makes it all stand out, and matches the furniture.

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Our Kitchen is very important and useful part of our life. We are using our kitchen much time in a day. So we need to choose best suited color for our kitchen is necessary. Your blog is very helpful for us. Thanks.

Amanda Stillwells

It is incredible looking at the before and after pictures of your basement. I just decided to remodel mine and have been shopping online a lot at a man cave store because I promised my husband we could make the basement his very own man cave. I hope mine comes out as beautiful as yours has.

Basement Decorating

This is the best designer to design a house, but if the surface does not get the perfect color to complete all should use.

Basement Decorating

I am decorating my basement, and I don't know what color would look good?

Sally Johnson

That looks like an excellent remodel. Good job! When you were remodeling what kind of windows did you get? Did you go with basement egress windows? I have heard good things about those and was wondering what you went with.

Brian Turner


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?



Sally, this was an article not my own home. Codes today require egress windows from basements, either specifically or sized large enough that an adult can exit through the window.


Brian, I need an email address or go near the top of the page and click "Email Me".

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