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My first reaction is to use light woods or white. It keeps it lighter and "cooler". Then again, I guess the tropic plantation style would have been dark woods - but that seems very heavy and traditional for a get-away home in Florida. Mixing woods is fine these days. You could also go with glass tables too - contemporary and avoids the problem all together!

Oak Furniture Kent

Dark wood is much better. Also having a Bromley Oak Table is much more favorable..

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Florida needs to have a table which is very comfortable to work with in order for their employees to strive harder and be inspired of their work.

Donna Parsley

Hmm, I think Julie is right. Light-colored wood fits well, but you can also use dark wood if your style is a bit eccentric. Dark wood like ebony, which is very heavy and very tough, is perfect. If your budget can't cover it, there are cheaper alternatives.

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