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Jim Smythe

Thanks for the post. I havent tried this method yet, but I think fabric paints would affect the feel of your furniture.

fabric paints are still paints so they do change the texture of your furniture.

Overall, this is great for those wanting to save a few $ or those who want to embark on a DIY furniture retouching project.

Lehi Cleaners

wow, this is an amazing idea!
i wonder who she came up with the formula for his this.

i got some old furniture in the attic that might look good with a little paint

Shutters Perth

Impressive work, the outcome of the paint job is great. It is a good idea indeed to transform those old and damaged furniture that are fore granted. I wonder how long will the paint stay on the fabric?

Lesley D. Chaney

So simple! I never thought about it. Thanks for the tips. I just repainted my secretary desk with hutch and now I'm going to paint the chair. Now, I can feel like I just brought a brand new set of furniture.

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