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Dental Lubbock

That's a very nice idea. Thanks for the tip.

Barbara W.

Great article. I've done window treatments and blinds myself and have worked with a rep from http://www.budgetblinds.com/ and have had good luck.

I'm good with design but the measuring and installing can be a pain sometimes.


Thank you for writing up this article. Measuring widths, lengths and divisions for blinds is much more difficult than it seems. www.Easyproblinds.com offer photographic tutorials, Tips and starter kits to help create them. They can be downloaded easily from the website.


Thanks for sharing. There are now blinds that won't require you to measure your windows as it fits any type and size of window you have.

Jessie Blinds

We have always wotked with Gary from a family run company in the UK called Bruce Blinds Blinds by Bruce Blinds. Their personal service has always put us at ease and we have always been happy with the results (especially their roman blinds). The tips you linked to where really helpful.

upvc windows guy

it takes a good eye to match or should i say coordinate the right style and look for your windows wether it be blinds or curtains or both.and i would agree that taking the correct measurements is critical to achieve the perfect fit http://upvcwindowssite.com/

Window Blinds

Interesting article, it really does help to plan ahead when it comes to window treatments.

Large Wall Mirrors

We love the room. Have you incorporated any large wall mirrors in this room. The reason I ask is we are looking to brighten up our room and found a few sites with large wall mirrors that will help us reflect light... R room is so dark!


I found your article extremely useful. I have always found measuring widths, lengths and divisions real difficult, because somehow it mgets a wee bit short. There are some useful tips are provided in this article for practical window treatments. Thanks

Single Cell Translucent Blinds

I have had challenges with measurements of new blinds and window treatments. My approach is to have a helper double check my numbers before doing the cutting. Thanks for your pointers!

Double Glazing

I want to do a window treatment because my neighbors keep on shouting every morning or sometimes late in the evening and it really disturbs me especially when I want to have a peaceful rest at night. I also want to give my window a classical look and now i can do it because I have an idea on how to start on it.

Window treatments

Its a wonderful idea to make a perfect curtain.. I have always problem with measurement.. So i think your article will be helpful to me..http://www.vivamagonline.com/index.php Thanks for the best ideas.. Keep it up..

Double Glazing Coventry

Basics are very important because this will be the foundation of all your works. Because of this, learning basics in a particular field is a must just like in cleaning or treating windows.

Bamboo flooring Perth

I like the video, great practical tips. Having a wide imagination and using the basic knowledge combined together, it surely will create a unique and wonderful design.

upvc windows

Great post. Selecting the best window dressing for your windows can help make your room.

Dining Table Sets

Best idea! Love your post. Very beautiful!

Pinoleum Blinds

Love all of the excellent information.

white Venetian blinds

Brillant - thanks for all of the great tips on window blinds.

Double Glazing Rugby

Windows also need a treatment. Some of the windows should take care properly, clean it properly, and rub it properly. Every window deserves an optimistic care from the home owner.


Windows are one of the house's main parts. Your house is not complete, Like me everytime i wake up in the morning i always make it a point to open my window and see the sun.

Kathy Carbone

Window curtains are great for beautifying one's home. It must properly match the wall paint color and the theme of the entire house! Some home owners prefer to pass that kind of work to the experts, and just coordinate what style they desire from the sidelines. Of course, who wouldn't want a lovely home to live in?

Ring Top Curtains

Great tips! These are really helpful. It's no longer that difficult for people to try the different types of curtains to transform the looks of their rooms.

Cedrick Finly

When you put it that way, window treatments can get a bit tricky - that's why planning is important. Planning helps eliminate the complications so that you can successfully improve the appearance of your windows.

Drew Hohmann

I agree. One mistake may ruin the whole thing. Thank you for those tips. I saw your other blogs about windows, and they are healthy as this blog.

home staging New York

I think most common problem of house is having an ugly windows but there are still solution for this like choosing compatible curtain for your window.

Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments can include roman shades, Austrian shades, Cornices, Swags, Valances, drapes, curtains, motorized shades, roll up shades and many more. The important factor is coordinating the different fabrics, colors and overall interior decor of your window treatments.


The two panes in uPVC double glazed windows also help reduce energy costs because they are better insulators than single glazed windows. The air between the two panes will help keep heat in the home. This results in less energy being needed to keep the home warm. In addition, the air between the panes will help to keep noise outside of the home.

Rapid Blinds

Often selecting the perfect window treatment can be a daunting task. I agree!

Mary Martin

Prioritizing to select what type of window to buy for your home is indeed an important perspective to have. After all, you would be dealing with it for the longest time, so it’s just right to go for comfort.

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