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Hi: I need help! I live near the marina & wanted to bring in the calming & soothing outside in so I decided to paint a tranquil color of blue. Unfortunately, after painting the walls, I noticed the color doesn't match. Certain walls that don't get the direct sunlight produce a darker shade then the other walls and it's so noticeable. Can you offer any suggestions? Thank you.


Shadows, time of day, and type of light (daylight vs. artificial light) can all make your paint color look different. I'm not sure I've seen walls vary during the same light. Perhaps opening up your window lighting more (removing curtains) or shading them (sheers, drapes, etc.) can eliminate the problem. Else, I'd suggest a lighter paint color. Good luck.


She really did a wonderful work and with such small budget. I guess talent goes a long way :) Small budget, big style.

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