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frosted window film

Good info. By the way, the article goes into both "mini-blinds with valances" option vs. Gallery Glass or frosted window film

The latter tends to be cheaper, yet from your experience what's the draw off in term of look?


My experience is that frosted glass only works in a bathroom. I personally like to see outside, but cleaning blinds can be a hassle. So this is an elegant privacy solution. I'd say it comes down to personal preference of being able to see outside or wanting easy privacy.

stained glass window film

In my experience, I've also seen and find stained glass film sometimes can be effective. Many styles still allow some ability to see out...which may or may not be deisrable, depending on your bathroom's location.

denver windows

If your bathroom windows face the street or a nearby neighbor, examine the light control of blinds or shades. For windows on the second or third floor, consider top-down / bottom up upgrades that offer both natural light and privacy.

home remodeling

Bathroom window treatment is something of an art itself when you talk about it, not just a topic on home improvement. I'm into home improvement myself, particularly on windows, which is why I found your hub.

Double Glazing

A window is a transparent opening in a wall or door that allows the passage of light and, if not closed or sealed, air and sound. Windows are held in place by frames, which prevent them from collapsing in. You can put blinds or curtains in your window so that it can have more accent.


a pretty good job, and I think what you are doing quite interesting and I really liked it

denver windows

That's beautiful, I wanted to thank you for sharing this treatment ideas. Our windows from Denver has been one of the best investments we have made in our home.

Window treatment

That is a good idea to try and i have got a beautiful decor too...http://www.vivamagonline.com/index.php It looks very attractive and thanks for the article..

Anthony Blommel

Well, in my own opinion, the bathroom spells privacy, which I think very much the reason why people think of the wall tiles and flooring first when it comes to bathroom design. Thank you for pointing out an article that can help rectify this misconception.

Double Glazing Rugby

Cleaning windows is a work that every man can do. But applying the safety will also do. In cleaning windows you must choose the right cloth. It can affect the beauty of the window. I suggest, use a cotton cloth for wiping your windows.


I always thought that when having bathroom window treatment ideas will cause much money. Thanks for sharing this with us. But if you can't still afford having treatment you can always take care of it by just wiping it with a piece of cotton to avoid scratches and damages.

plumbing supplies

Stained glass art is an art of construction and designing in the Islamic heritage and is characterized by its beauty and privacy. Excelled builders over the history in Islam often used the recruitment of glass as a key element in the decorative elements that lend beauty and magic in the Islamic architecture.

Kathy Carbone

These are helpful for providing ideas on how to improve bathroom designs. Designing even the simplest parts of our homes, like the floors and windows, help improve our creativity.

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