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Thanks for your kind comments.

That's pretty small. Talk to a plumbing supply store. They may have some ideas. Sometimes you have to be a plumber to go there, but not always (and these days, I'll bet they'll take money from anyone!)

Another idea is if you could find a small table. Like a phone table. I think those are relatively high and they're small. Then get a small sink. You may need to mount the fixture on the side, rather than the back of the sink, but maybe you could find one whose style worked ok that way. Cut a hole in the top of the table to fit the sink. If it has a back, you'll need to cut out holes there too for the supply and water lines.

Just to prepare yourself, because you're dealing with a non-standard solution, this will cost you more. Sorry.

Good luck and let me know how it goes. Also, let me know if it's ok if I can use this on the site and newsletter as a reader "dilemma".


Hi Julie,
Thanks for the tips and newsletter. I have tried various plumbing outlets but think I'm stuck with the old wall unit (only 10.5" deep!) as it seems they just don't make a pedestal sink that small. I have thought about the configuration you've described, the trick will be to find a small bowl. I'll keep looking, that's part of the fun. We actually have several really good salvage houses in the area and I tried them too...but no luck.


We had a very small bathroom. About 4x4! We found a wall mounted sink and faucets (all from Home Depot)- just a cast iron support and then a ceramic bowl that fit perfectly. Then, we found a smaller toiler (Kohler I think) at Home Depot. Put a shelf above the sink for soap/candles and used the opposite wall for a decorative mirror. It may be the smallest powder room on earth but it looks great!

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Very great informations. Whether you install it yourself or get a professional installation, you can be certain that you will get a major space saving fixture that compliments your style.


Have you tried looking into a vessel sink?


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wow! your really looking for a small Item..hahaha.. I also have a small batch so i tend to search in the web for bathroom remodeling for small bathrooms. Hope that helps.

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