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professional drain cleaning

Thank you for the tips, I will surely try this one. that would be a good substitute in chemicals bathroom cleaner.


Drain Cleaning

Thanks for your best tips.Its very important for the cleaning of bathroom drain. you also provide solution of Clogged Bathroom Drain and warning also.Its very helpful for us.

plumbing supplies

It is very important to have a regular check up on your drainage. If you are planning to clean your drainage or any of your pipes make sure to use natural drain cleaners.


Bathroom sinks end up getting all kinds of "yucky" stuff going down them. Toothpaste, shaving cream, whiskers, hair and soap scum are just a few of the things that can end up causing a blockage in your bathroom drains, making them drain slowly or not at all.

Hardy Coufal

Yeah! A dirty sink is definitely aesthetically unpleasant. It great that there are alternatives other than the chemicals were used to. Thanks for providing the link to the tips!

party bags

Cleaning is hard specially when you how many bacterias may live in there. It may be disgusting but there are many options that could help you.


Thank you for sharing us some tips on how to keep bathroom drain clean. It is difficult when you clean a drainage in your bathroom because there are plenty of trash you want to pull off. Thank you and we hope you have post more tips.

Drainage surveys

It is really important to clean your drains regularly in order to avoid stinking sink. Anyway, thanks for sharing your tips, I find it really helpful.

bathroom plumbing

It really helps to keep bathroom drains clean and keeping the water flow in check on those drains because it might be bad to left things uncheck.

Lyla Burns

I usually have to buy Drano at the grocery store about once a month since I have three girls with very long hair. I would love to be able to make my own remedy for drain cleaning so I can do it at home at a lower cost. http://drain-flow.com/ Thanks for sharing!

Bibi Karpel

Bathrooms are prone to clogging due to accumulated hair strands, shaving cream or toothpaste. This, however, can be prevented with few, simple steps. By using baking soda/vinegar mixture monthly, it can keep your bathroom sink free of debris and buildup. Also, try to cover your bathroom sink when you’re taking a bath. That way, your hair strands will not go down directly to the drains, but instead it will just stay on top of the sink. You can then throw it out after bathing. What do you think?

Althea Tumlin

Bibi’s got a point. I think the best way to prevent bathroom drains from clogging is to actually prevent the strands of hair, toothpaste, etc. from clogging the sink. It’s simple, but it could be very effective if you really want your drains to be clog-free. =)

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