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Majestic Medallions responded. See what they had to say:

Hi Julie!

Thanks you so much for linking to my site Majestic Medallions and Inlays.

I have been working with homeowners and have simplified the installation of hard
wood floor medallions so any handy homeowner can install themselves, either in a new
or existing floor.

With a template or a circle jig for round inlays, I have had over 50 homeowners
install the hardwood inlays with no professional help and in many cases saved
over 1500.00 for a simple 2-4 hour install job.

A simple router and flush cut router bit is all that is needed and for an extra
fee I include everything except the router(can be rented) including the router
bit, template, double sticky tape and tack nails. The client must also put a clear finish on the inlay to match the sheen of their existing floor. Of course the Inlays can be installed and sanded over with a new floor install also.

In this economy so many people are not updating their homes because of the labor
charges. I make all the inlays custom to order and prefer to work with the
homeowner or designer directly. Every inlay I have ever made was ordered and the
woods specified by the client before I made it. 90% of my sales are directly to
the homeowner and I like it that way.

Thanks again for linking to my web site.

Nick Olandese
Majestic Medallions and Inlays

Daniel L. Feeback

If anyone besides myself has recently (April-August 2009) had a major problem with Majestic Medallions, please contact me.

e-mail: w5df@sbcglobal.net

Phone: 281-844-0765

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