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I have a couple of ideas, but first let me understand.

1) The light switch works a light for the hallway, living room or foyer by the door?
2) The hall is painted but not the front wall that runs from the door across into the living room, right?
3) Have you done anything in the dining room yet other than add the small wall? (Good move by the way)

If you can fill in the blanks, I can give you a better answer. Thanks.



Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. The light switch operates the light in the hallway, the light at the top of the stairs, and also the front porch lights.

We painted the length of the hallway Tobacco Road. After I emailed you, we decided to paint the area around the front door Tobacco Road as well. We just ran a chalk line on the living room side of the door, just to create a temporary dividing line. I love the color, but it looks ridiculous like this. My husband said he would move the door bell and leave the switch where it is, and we were going to try to put up a piece of narrow molding to divide the hallway space from the living room. The molding will be close to the light switch but we figured it would be easy enough to remove it/and or repaint a small wall by the front door. This molding thing is not really what I would choose to do, and am excited to hear your opinion. Regarding the dining room, we haven't done a thing in there yet. By the way, the wall which was added is very small, at most it extends off front wall by 8 inches. The dining room is very small, about 11 x 11 and the living room is about 16 x 20.

If a picture would help, let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.




The molding will help but may look odd. Taking that idea a bit further, you could create molding and trim and make it look like a column. You can even buy half architectural columns that you place against the wall. Paint it your trim color. I'm not sure if you'd have enough room. If you like wall paper, you could wallpaper the living room and butt the paper to the paint. That may look better than two paint lines coming together. The other thing you can do is paint the shared wall the living room color and let it deadend into the corner between the front wall and the hallway.

If these make no sense, send me a picture.

And can I put this up on the site and in the newsletter for other reader's ideas?


Sherry C.

Perhaps using your tan in the hall, dining room and livingroom would work if you have a wall in the dining and living rooms that could be accented with your red and green colors. Put a red wall in the dining room and the green wall in the livingroom or vice versa. It shouldn't be too much tan if you have white wainscoting and trim. The accent wall color could be brought throughout the rooms with accessories and slipcovers. With the wall dividing the foyer from the dining room makes it nice to paint the whole dining room in your red or green. Having no wall to seperate the foyer from the livingroom actually is more inviting and makes the foyer a part of the livingroom. Paint with the tan for both areas with an accent wall in your color of choice. If you are a person who must have equal balance, as I am prone to be, then you may not like that latter idea. But it does make for your dilemma with not having a matching wall on the livingroom side. Can it hurt to give it a try and if you don't like it you can always change it. Many times I was sure I wouldn't like doing something that would offset the balance I crave and ended up loving it after it was done.


I have a very small 3 bedroom ranch home. As of now all the walls are stark white. I want to paint the living room a deep maroon or a darker neutral color but the living room and kitchen are open and share a wall. I don't know what to do?

Julie Lohmeier

The trickiest part is how to handle the shared wall. You could paint the entire thing maroon. Red is a good color for a kitchen. Then pull it more together, by having that color in your kitchen window treatments or your tablecloth.


I want to paint my foyer everybody has been telling me that I have to tie in that color up my stairway. I don't think so since the stairway is not visible.

Thank You


It's not a bad idea to bring them all together with the same color, but if the stair is clearly delineated and separate, you can paint it another color. It may be good to paint it a complementary color however. Good Luck.


I am painting my livingroom. We have a two story house. Do I paint the wall that she stairway goes up on all the way to the top of the stairs or do I stop the paint at the top of the first flight? Or at the bottom of the stairs?

Vivian Marshall

I have a red dining room next to the formal living room. Both are on the front of the house. On the back side of the house, the kitchen and den are painted a golden yellow. What color should I paint the formal living room and a hallway from the front door around to the den? There's also a door in the living room that opens onto the den so you can see the yellow. My husband wants to stay away from blue.


Your house sounds very similar to mine. My common areas are taupe though which breaks up the red dining room and living room. Mine happens to be gold and connects to an office that happens to be blue. My kitchen is a bit more coppery than pure gold. Any way, unless your dining and living rooms directly connect, they can be different colors. If they do flow from one to the other, use complementary colors and accents in both rooms that use each color. The same applies to the living room and den. Good luck.


my kithcen is a yellow colr and i just painted my hally way and foyer a deeper gold u can see the kitchen from the foyer when you walk in but do you think i should change th colr of my kithcen becuse it matches the hllywy to much

How to paint an open foyer, dining room, and living room?

We recommend you useful items and furniture that matched the theme of the room. Use a room with good color, for example: a yellow color in the room is somewhat dark and in accordance with the theme of space.


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I have a house where the living room and dining room walls directly connect (L shaped). They lead into the kitchen which has a visible separating wall. I purchased some furniture yesterday that has a hint of brown/burnt burgundy. I have found some accent pieces that bring out the gold/copper/reddish tone in the sofa (really nice) and now I am shopping for rugs. Questions:
1. I understand that I am supposed to purchase two diff rugs to separate the rooms?
2) what color do you recommend for my wall? I purchased Behr's Revival Mahogony and pumpkin butter (i thought I should use two different colors, but after reading some of your recommendations, changed my mind).
3) should I paint all of the walls or only one side?
My walls are currently a bone/white color.
Also, shopping for a glass top table and found one today with marble bottom...good idea? The color matches exactly with the new sofa. Please advise.

Thank you so much.

toronto kitchen renovations

With the wall dividing the foyer from the dining room makes it nice to paint the whole dining room in your green or red. I appreciate your work. Thanks for posting. I also want painting my home with my hand.

Arlington door

My wife and I tried painting our living room wall with maroon with a divider alongside the book shelf. It's been done to create an illusion of division between the living room area and the dining room next to it. Also, we used Behr's Revival Mahogony for the wall leading to the basement. The result is awesome!

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