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Actually, yellow and golds are quite popular colors right now. I'd pull a yellow that's complementary to your sofa and build off of that. Yellows can be tricky, but there are so many buttery ones and rich golds to choose from, I'm sure you'll find something. Then for your dining room and kitchen, continue the yellow, but now you can use different fabric for window treatments, wallpaper, etc. that has the same yellow while allowing you to introduce other colors - perhaps some sage green or reds to differentiation those rooms yet keep a constant to bridge between the three.

Would you mind if I posted this on the site and in my newsletter and see if anyone else has an idea? Let me know what you do.



thanks, and yes you can post...
But, now I am considering a slip cover on the couch in a celery color (which is the color of the drapes in the living room).


I'd go with a color complementary to the celery green in that case. Taupe always work as a vibrant yet neutral color. Be sure to tie the colors together in your living room with pillows or rug. Or if the drapes are solid, then use the colors in the pattern of your couch.

Good luck and keep us informed.

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laminate floor

Many types floor can't be painted.


Repeat the brush and roller paint application for the nook section, then remove the tape and permit the paint to dry.Remove the dividing line of masking tape and permit the paint to dry thoroughly.


I usually do not like the color of my advice, because the color choice, does not belong to you, but I can share with us and our feelings have been very beautiful. If you have an open floor plan, you can see every room, this may be best to stay at home the same color in the entire region. It depends on how many parking spots, you may help determine how many colors. As you may know, the color is all about and to reflect light. You may want to stay in shallow areas with little natural light and dark is not the place to go a little is good.

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