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Absolutely, the window treatments above the door does NOT need to come down to the floor. It only needs to fit properly with the window. A swag of some type would look great. You can drape it down the sides - anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 down the side of the window. And get a matching one (although shorter) for the window nearby on the stairs. You'll add color, drama, and it will look stunning.

A swag like this (you don't need the panels), possibly longer, would look stunning:

You could then do a simpler swag (through holders or over a pole) on the stair window. (You can see the side of it to the far right of the picture.)

Good luck and keep me posted!



Go ahead and include this! From talking to a few friends, I'm not the only person confused by this set up!!! If there was another window under it, it would be easier to decorate, but with the door there it gets confusing.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. Once I'm done, I'll send you some pictures.

Thanks again!

Sharon DeLuca

I think its too pretty to cover and you would be better off to have a film put on the window. It would eliminate the bright sunlight and insulate for heating and air conditioning. If you truly want a window covering, I would put an Austrian valance on it to cover half of the window.

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