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I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Ideally, I'd like the floors to all match and blend together. It doesn't sound like the trim is different enough to be a problem. However, since the den is a different room, you could go with a darker floor, but the trim should definitely match - or close to it - the floor in that room.



Because the floor in the den will touch the floor in the kitchen I believe I may need to stay with the same color.

Yes, it is ok to post my question.



I don't see how you can go wrong matching the color with the new floor from what you said.

(Dwight also shared some personal information that I won't reveal here, but I would ask that you send some prayers and positive thoughts to him and his family.)


my first thoughts would be to utilize lighter floors and darker trim however I guess the wall color(s) should help you determine which direction to go.

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Can you show the pic for the floor?

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