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home remodeling PA

good blog!

missouri home improvement

good tips, very helpful

painting house exterior

tips such as those are really needed!

house painting california

what about the painting ideas?

professional home staging phoenix

any ideas about home staging?

exterior house painting

your tips are good, i can apply them to my home!

bay area construction

I’ve tried them and they are really good…

painting contractors connecticut

i have had problems with the house painting project want to do in the past but to solve it at once i sought help from professionals. everything turned out fine, thanks to my contractor.

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House painting is a very serious project to do. To be able to make sure I will be applying good paint shades to my house, I asked professional help. Turned out pretty nice.

dining furniture

Thanks for the tips! It has been my problem, moving furniture from one place to another and yet it does not seem to be right!


Its always really a challenge, thanks for posting about it.

Todd Perry

I learned this trick 30 years ago from my mother. You take a piece of graph paper (where each square = 1") and draw the room. On another piece of graph paper you draw each piece of furniture to scale, label them, and cut them out. Now you can move them around to your heart's content until they look right. Now with computer CAD programs you can do the same thing digitally and save a tree!

home theater seating

i never would have thought to do that ! i am glad i stumbled upon your blog. The tips you gave will make my wife finally happy ( we just moved )

Decorative Wall Mirrors

We were going to buy a piece of furniture that really loved, but decided to lay it out with newspaper in our small guest room. Thank goodness we did because the bed was way to big.

England Furniture Company

Thanks for the link to the tips and tools. Taking the time and effort into planning out the room online or on paper beforehand seems like a great idea.

furniture stores

Thanks for the tips! It has been my problem, moving furniture from one place to another and yet it does not seem to be right!

Hitchcock Butterfield Mirrors

I would like to thank you! Arranging is been my problem. Moving to another to where it is nice best.


Thanks for the tips for laying out furniture in a room. Doing it on paper first will probably save you a lot of time.

home staging NYC

When you start laying out your furniture in your room, make sure that it is in proper arrangement to make it more attractive and looks better, it is also advisable to consider color for your furniture.

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