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Sherry C.

How 'bout threedogstales.com? Though I really like all three of your blog names! Let us know when we can link to it! BTW, I have an old schnauzer that is a rescue. He was supposed to be my anniversary present from beloved hubby, but he prefers his "daddy' to me - except in a thunderstorm. He was 9 years old at the time and when we took him to our truck he did the leading. It was as if he knew our truck. We called him all sorts of names but he came right away when we called him Buster. Oops! I am sharing this story before you get your blog - LOL! I do love dogs and have only had the charming rescue ones. Can't wait to hear the tales of your three babies. Adorable pic of them.

Sherry C.

Oh my! Did I say THREEdogstales? You only have two, I see. Well, if you choose my suggestion,you will have to get another rescue! (smile)



Put I did have an old dog before these two that I have plenty of stories to write about, so threedogstales could work.

I'm glad Buster found you. That's amazing that you were able to determine his name. Our dogs seem pretty indiscriminate, but often the girl favors my husband and the boy, me. I find that kind of funny. Conversely, our girl likes my daughter best of my kids - they're like girlfriends. :)

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