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Sherry C.

In remodeling our livingroom I discovered that my friend, the reupholsterer, had given me enough fabric to sew side panels for my windows that matched perfectly with my purchased sheers and loveseat slipcover. I was also able to sew a valance for the foyer window and two pillows. However, I needed to have a tieback for the curtains and found a perfect solution for the problem: glass doorknobs that came with our house. We can't use them on our doors as they are new, but with the knobs as decorative tiebacks, they are now useful ( as opposed to being nothing more than beautiful, useless junk ). I put a long thin screw into the wall at the correct height and pushed the doorknobs onto them. There is a tiny screw in the knob that I tightened to secure the knob on the screw. Very pretty! I just might make a matching coat rack using the rest of the knobs and the escutcheon plates for the foyer. Rods and tiebacks are the jewelry of window treatments. Thought I'd pass this idea on as well as the idea that lightweight upholstery fabric makes nice, substantial material for nicely hung curtains.

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