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I am really interested in painting my basement ceiling as well. I would really like to see more pictures of how the basement looks including walls. Is there a chance you could send me a few shots of your basement? In addition, I am interested in any more that Andrew has as well. I need to convince myself and wife that this is what we want to do and there just isn't that many pictures out there. Thanks in advance!


I apologize for the slow response. Unfortunately, I don't have more pictures as I saw this at a home show. I have not done this myself. I can tell you that it is attractive but it is a different look. Think about some trendy, casual restaurants or bars that are nicely decorated but have black ceilings where all of the mechanicals (heating, plumbing electrical) is exposed and painted black. In the examples I've seen, the rest of basement is done just like any room. The ceiling actually looks better and darker than the pictures because the flash creates lighter spots and highlights. If you're a really traditional person who doesn't like anything to show, this may not be the right style for you. But if you're trendy and willing to take a bit of a risk, go for it. It's not like you can't cover it up later. And in either case, I'd say black ceilings are better, and more in fashion, than a drop ceiling. Let us know what you decide.


My son-in-law is opening a furniture store in an old brick factory building and had the high ceiling, old pipes, etc. painted black with almond colored walls. It looks great and the black ceiling 'disappears'
to your eye and adds a sophisticated touch.


My wife and I are planning on doing this as well. Does anyone have pictures or links to sites with the ceiling painted in a light color? I want black, but she wants a lighter color. I'm open to the idea, but would like to see what it might look like first.


I was wondering if there is another way to hide the basement insulation. I have wires, pipes, etc... that I would like to get to, if needed in the future. Anyone have any ideas?

Scott Cycan

don't forget to insulate the copper - flat black does not stick to copper - just finished my basement - looks great but was raining black paint for 2 days ---- very messy! suit up!

End Tables

The latest photo is so dark that I can hardly see it. Well maybe because the ceiling was painted black. I like the idea of painting the ceiling black. Congrats to him! He has done a great work!

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