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i need to some modles of closet space.
i want to decorate it.
i need to your help.


I don't have any closet planning models, but the link in the article to Closet Maid site includes planning and design tools to help you layout and decorate your closet. I hope that helps. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to draw on paper your space and then plan out your closet. Have some drawers, double hung racks, and single full-length rods. Good luck.

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A good site for helping you design and organize your closet is Closet Maid. Although they appear to have wire systems only, you'll find loads of reference and planning material here.

Closet Organizers

An interesting post, while organizing a new home, or any home for that matter, the most difficult thing is organization of closets. This takes up a lot of time, as we all know, and not everyone is good with organization. Closets and cabinets in a home should not take much space, yet be able to accommodate everything. There are many ways in which you can organize your closets and assure that it is the best possible way. I visited a website that has been designing and organizing closets for over 20 years now and has designed closets, storage spaces, home offices and entertainment centers. http://www.closetandstorageconcepts.com

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If you are not ready to get rid of the garment right away (sometimes it takes understanding why it won’t ever work to feel comfortable donating it – and that’s a topic for another time), simply pack it away for future reference (I doubt you’ll ever miss it). Here’s the key: Do this once or twice a day for a month and watch your closet transform!

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