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I'm thinking of a back to back arrangement with a small short wall in between. Possibly could be like two Ls together on the long side. The key would be to get a desk that doesn't scream corporate cubicle but more like furniture.

I think of this because at an antique store I saw a double sided desk - there was chair room on both sides. So two people could face each other and share a desk. It was slightly larger than a regular desk, but as an antique, I doubt it would be big enough for two monitors - although maybe flat screens could work. I wonder if there's a modern version of that?

The other thing you could do if you have the wall space is a small office armoire. It doesn't have the counterspace but houses the PC and fits on the wall so it requires less floor space. Or there's a basic small computer table - practical, cheap but doesn't look as nice.

(In a subsequent email, it turns out that Tara is also thinking about putting desks back or adding it on to the L of the existing desk.) What do you think?

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