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I'm a working mom with 3 kids and 2 dogs, and I do houses for a hobby.


Although my real job is mom, I also have a day job in internet marketing and a hobby in house building and renovation.

It all started when my ex-husband and I tried to buy my first home. Being all of 24, there wasn't much we could afford in the Chicago area. So our first home became our first fixer-upper. I also had an eye to investment and flipping the house to move up to our dream house and make some money along the way.

We sold that first two-bedroom house 18 months later after only five days on the market and a 25% profit. I was hooked.

I went on to remodel two other houses, including one with a major addition. After that we started constructing a family but had bought what would be our dream house.

When our first child was a few weeks old, we bought a ranch style house (separate from the one we lived in). I managed the construction, building a second story, completely reconfiguring both the inside and out of the existing house. It sold when I was pregnant with our second child (yes, it took some time.)

Then I bought another that I tore down and rebuilt. While I was in the hospital with our second, we made an offer on another house that was rented while I completed the one previously mentioned. After the renters moved out, I tore it down too and rebuilt.

The next house closed while I was in the hospital with our third. I sold that one and focused on redoing our own house.

In short, 15 years after that first house, we started turning the house we lived in into our dream house. A year later, we had our dream house. The dream along with the marriage is gone, but my passion for home remodeling and decorating continues. This blog is my compilation of wisdom gained from eight houses and my continued love for home renovation and decorating.

My hope with this blog is to show that women - single, working moms, or married - can do much of this themselves. No need to be intimidated. It's not that difficult if you leave the hard labor to the guys. And most things require finesse, creativity, and some hard work but not brute strength. In the course of this, I've worked full time, had children, and become a veritable football mom. But I've learned how to do most things on my own and know more than most anyone at Home Depot and enough to speak intelligently to any contractor. You can too!