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While I thnk you could leave the ceilings flat white, the space also opens you up to more interesting possibilities. You could try a lighter tone color of the Chianti (being careful not to go to pink). See this page for an example of the concept: http://victoriafahardo.com/gpage9.html

Or try a light taupe, or beige, or even gray. It provides a nice neutral color but with more oomph than white and will bring the ceiling down a bit and warm it up. Just pick a neutral color that coordinates with the other furnishings in your room.

Thanks and good luck with the addition.



Hello Julie,

Thank you very much for the advice.......nothing like working with experts to put one on the
right path! I know, as I offer advice to people regarding art and collecting.

dj murphy


Hi, Julie,

I have a French tudor home. The bedrooms have ceilings that 'run into the walls'. In other words, that do not have distinct lines separating them from the side walls.

I would like dramatic color but when the ceiling is also painted in the same color it seems to be too much color. Do you have any suggestions???? I just hate boring pale colors.....




Do you mean the ceilings come into the walls at angles rather than at 90 degrees? I'm not sure I understand how there's not some delineation unless the wall literally curves into the ceiling.

Even if the ceiling angles, you can paint the angled part a coordinating color or the same color as the walls. If it goes quite high, I may try a softer shade of your wall color so it doesn't feel "cave" like.

I hope that helps. Just leave another comment. Thanks.



I am currently moving into a home with a cathedral ceiling in the living room. I am trying to avoid painting the high walls. I was wondering what I could do instead of painting the three high walls.


I think you've got to paint it. The walls have to be finished. Wallpaper would be more difficult. I don't think there are many options here. Hire it out if you don't want to get that high.

Josh Weston

I recently moved into a home and am clueless on how to paint the living room. It has an 18 foot cathedral ceiling, and on the one side of the room is a staircase, a balcony overlooking the living room, and all of the walls upstairs are visible. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to make it not 'too much' of the same color, and if there is any way to transition between the color of the living room to the upstairs area. Right now it is all so white and is driving me insane, but I don't know how to fix it. Thanks for your time!



Sorry for the delayed reply. If I understand correctly, One wall of your foyer is 18 feet. From below, you can see the upstairs hall. Assuming I've got it, I'd paint the tall wall one color, the same as foyer. Upstairs, you can use the same color (I have this myself even though the foyer isn't that high) or use a complementary color upstairs - show as a lighter or darker hue of the same color. I hope that helps.


suspended ceiling

I have just read your discussions and I was delighted to learn something essential from it as on how I should choose the best color for my ceiling and on how to keep it attractive and as on how to fix some of undisputed problems as what your blogger has just shared. Great!

Double Glazing Coventry

White is popular because of its neutrality, it is not the best color for a ceiling, as my personal suggestion. White can make a ceiling appears closer in a room with a low ceiling, but will also make a ceiling seem farther away in rooms with high ceilings. Try to add some color to your ceiling.



Count me in on needing some suggestions on my cathredal ceiling. We are reno-ing it now! The room itself is about 300 square feet and is approximately 12 ft wide, 23 ft long. At the far end will be a corner fireplace and the tv, with the entrance to the room being at the closer end (it is an addition onto a 100 year old home about 20 yrs ago). Looking towards the far end, there are two windows and a sliding door on the right (closer to the entrance end), as well as on the left there is a door to the driveway and another window. The windows are quite long rather than being short and wide. Plus, two skylights on the top left side, one at each end.

Prior to our move in, they had put plank panelling on the ceiling that ended at the point where the wall starts to the cathredal angle. It was put up VERY poorly and feels like a cabin so it's off now. Plus, we have 6 beams that are likely structural. As well, we just exposed the natural brick by the entrance that they had covered with plaster and a poorly built closet (closet gone).

Paint wise, we are thinking of doing an accent wall at the far end in a tone that matches a brick colour and the side walls a lighter tone that is also found in the brick. But what about the ceiling?

My bf thinks drywall it and then do a california ceiling, but I think the white will not fit in with the other colours....so maybe the same colour as the side walls or a shade darker to bring the ceiling down? Or same/lighter so that you aren't overwhelmed b/c there are quite a few things happening in the room now (new floors...beams, exposed brick...and so on).

Thanks SO much!


What are the color names of the two blues from the picture above? I love them!!!!

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