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Excellent question. Red is a commitment.

Interestingly, my family room has gold walls, white trim, hardwood floor, red floral valances, and a RED sectional sofa. So obviously I think that's fine. Two points: 1) don't use red accents on your sofas - pick up the vanilla trim color or the khaki from the other rooms, 2) make sure your accents - window treatments, pictures, accents - tie in the gold, vanilla, and red. If not, the two strong colors will just fight and compete. (For example, my valances have a red background, gold in the floral pattern and white to pull in the trim. I also have an under-valance that is gold and red check - so the colors are pulled together.)

If you really feel that red is too much, try to pull in the khaki from the other room and use plenty of red in throws and accent pillows.

A chocolate leather sofa is rich and neutral but it may blend into your Brazilian Cherry floors as that tends to be quite dark.

So all in all, based on my experience, the red sofa should work very well.

Good luck.

Sherry C.

If you go with the red, which I think will look really nice in the great room, be sure that it is not a blue toned red. That will not quite work. Go for a red that leans toward a brown tone, like a brick red. In other words, a tomato red, not a cherry red. perhaps a red with gold in the fabric design would look nice. When you shop for your sofa, make sure it is one you "fall in love with" no matter the color. You may be able to choose the upholstery fabric for it to be done in. Pricey, but if it is a solidly made sofa, it will be worth it when you still love it years from now.

Susan G. Lander


I think the idea above would be great, but I think I'd go with a butterscotch-hued sofa and pick up the vanilla and gold as accents. If you want to carry the red out, a big bowl of apples on the cocktail table always works. The gold would work on picture frames or a large mirror, and brass lamps might help unify the room, as well. If you MUST have red, try it as the mat in pictures. Your house sounds lovely -



Thanks for all the comments. I went shopping (window) at Ashley Furniture today and found a beautiful Sienna sofa in a brick red with an obscure gold swirly paisley blended in the background. I am leaning towards this. The tables were glass and wood with a little brushed bronze in center which matches my ceiling fan and sconces on the gallery wall.

I appreciate everyones comments. I'm timid when it comes to decorating my own "nest" and free with advice for others who ask. I just don't have the confidence too carry things out I guess!

This site is great. Julie is definately a very caring person to open herself up to all the thousands who visit her site. Thanks so much Julie. You are truly a blessing for the people who call on you here for help.



I contacted you not too long ago about my gold/red great room. It turned out lovely and I would like to share pics with you! Thanks so much for taking your time to advise me.

I am now ready to tackle my dining room. The dining room is small, only 13x17 feet. There are three windows on the back of the house where room is located. There is a door opening from the kitchen to the dining room on the wall across from the windows (but no actual door, just the opening) The wall adjacent to this one has sliding french doors which open to the great room which is painted a gold color and has red sofas. The back wall has the china cabinet positioned in the middle and the table with 4 chairs is in the center of the room.

The dining room has been painted brick red. The woodwork is ivory and the floors are laminate in a brazilian cherry.

Unfortunately, I am stuck with a pecan lighted hutch and table which has chairs with ivory cushions. I do however, plan on ridding myself of these as soon as possible and going with a cherry or mahogany finish.

I was thinking of using a red/ivory rug under the table and ivory silk drapes with an ivory scarf in the middle of the table. What do you think? Do you know of a store that sells these scarfs? I have searched the internet and can't find them. The ones I saw were at Ashley Furniture but they didn't have ivory.

What other color could I bring in for an accent? I thought about gold since the adjacent room is gold but thought maybe I needed more PUNCH in the color for accessories. I'm really at a loss on this one.

There is a gold tone three level chandalier hanging over the table which is positioned in the center of the room. The only furniture is the china cabinet and the table with four chairs. What other pieces should I bring in? What would look good in the center of the table? Thanks for all of your help, you are absolutely wonderful!!!



Thanks for your kind comments. I like the red and ivory combination. I do think you can add a third color and a rich, deep gold (not necessarily the same as your other room but complementary) would be very luxurious feeling. Perhaps almost golden bronze color. If you had some of that with your rug and in the scarves, that would be great. I don't know a specific store that has the scarves or swags but check out the Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens & Things, department stores, and more. Also, you can use actual scarves and drape over a pole. Or look at fabric stores and make simple swags.

For your pictures, email them to me and I'll upload them to the site.

Good luck. Your home sounds beautiful.


aaron rao

Color of sofa is according to walls. It looks very pretty.


I would go always with a neutral colored sofa so it will go with whatever colors you decide to have in that room in the future. Maybe a beige or light brown.

Know Your Sofas

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jordan 3

He who would do well to another must do it in minute particulars; general good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite and flatterer. What do you think?


Renting a condo; white walls, off white carpet, just purchased a red sofa from Ashley. What color accent chair and tables should I be looking for? The red sofa caught my eye and I had to have it. I do have another family room decorated with brown leather sofa, 2 tub chairs with maroons, dark greens and beige in fabric and all tables to finish that room. I would love to have a comfortable upholstered glider, rocker w/ottoman. Help?


Need Ideas for small den - the room size is 12 by 10 with a four feet wide red brick fireplace. Need furniture and color ideas to compliment 42' flat screen tv sitting on corner stand.

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