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Hi Terry. That's a common problem in new homes with two-story tall walls. First, I'd hang your picture above the occasional table between your windows. This just accents makes the space look that much taller. Next, you could do several things, another complementary painting, a large mirror (hung landscape to contrast with your artwork below), a large quilt or tapestry. Or you could add a large, sturdy shelf (be sure to anchor it securely to the wall and in the studs) and then display silk flowers (you don't want to climb up there to water!) or large collectibles. Yes, the dusting could be a pain, but it don't have to do it that often - it's so high people won't notice for a while!

Good luck and let us know what you decide.


You could also place a bed crown that comes with two round or square scarf holders. Place a pair of drapes or sheer panels that coordinate with the window treatments below.


How about a large architectural detail, something old and wooden or iron. I would hang it horizontally and go as large as you can.

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