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Hmm. Good question. Could you use clear fishing line and hang it from some wood trim, siding, shake or window? Since it's arched, you'd probably need three lines.

If that doesn't work, let me know, and I'll think some more.


I have an idea of what to use to hang the garland - how about those 3M hook type hangers that can be removed by pulling a tag at the bottom? I've only used them on drywall but they really stick well and then come off without doing any damage. They just might stick nicely to stone. If they show too much you could always paint them a dark color since they are just plastic.

I read on those hooks that you shouldn't use them below 55 degrees. Someone suggested to me that I try using a putty, but I doubt that will work either. I bought 2" screw hooks that won't make a real big hole in my stone.



What did you end up using on the stone walls? I want to decorate my double doorway with garland along the Austin Stone and do not know how to tact it down.
THanks, Jaime


I have been trying to hang garland on the top of my kitchen cupborads I have tryed to use those 3M hooks, but they won't stick I guess garland is just to heavy to use them. Does any one have any ideas on how to do this?

Julie Lohmeier

Is there open space between your cabinets and ceiling? Do you have molding at the top or not? Knowing this may provide some ideas and options. Thanks.



Medical tape works well when hanging garland. I usually get some red bows to place over the spot where the tape is and then no one can tell that the tape is even there. Medical tape is hard to find but it sticks to everything and holds it in place. It won't ruin paint on walls either.

Kathie G.

I tried using the 3M hooks to see if they would work on my stone arch outside door - but the stone was so uneven they wouldn't stay. Have to ask hubby if we can drill small holes for those small hooks. Just hate to put permanent holes in the wall around the door.

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